Our operations

It should be easy to start, develop and establish companies in the Gothenburg region. This is the basic premise that permeates and characterises all of our operations.

 Business Region Göteborg creates the conditions for the region's trade and industry by providing knowledge and contacts essential to successful entrepreneurship.

Three core areas

To ensure that we work effectively and create the commercial climate we strive for, we have focused our resources into three primary business areas:

Business development
We work to create long-term, sustainable growth for new businesses and small to medium-sized companies. We do this by creating the conditions under which enterprising people can realise their business ideas and run growing companies.

Establishment and investment
We focus on attracting establishment and investment to the Gothenburg region. As part of this, we offer a simple, secure and fully confidential establishment process. We guide companies through the entire process, free of charge.

Cluster & Innovation
We create sustainable growth by actively working for cluster and industry development in the Gothenburg region. We do this by identifying strengths, bringing together people from companies, academia and the public sector in valuable networks and by initiating industry collaboration to produce commercially viable innovations.

Create good conditions for growth

We are part of the conversation when future strategies for the growth of the Gothenburg region are designed. These growth strategies aim to create the conditions for a larger labour market in the region, with the attractive city centre of Gothenburg as its focal point. In order to ensure that the Gothenburg region remains an attractive place to live and work, we see investments in infrastructure and urban development as extremely important.

Work for a better business climate

One of our most critical goals is to achieve a constantly improving business climate. Our sights are set on the Gothenburg region's business climate becoming recognised as one of Europe's best. It should be characterised by openness and a distinct welcoming attitude. In the short-term, our aim is for the Gothenburg region's business climate to be ranked highest among the country's large city regions.

Analyse facts and statistics about commerce and business

Our role also involves serving as experts on the Gothenburg region's business climate and the specific requirements of trade and industry. We are able to achieve this thanks to the fact that our doors are always open and we are always ready to share our knowledge. We engage in a comprehensive array of analysis work, focusing not only on facts and statistics on trade and industry in the Gothenburg region but also on monitoring other regions and sectors. Each quarter we produce an economic development report in which we analyse various indicators for the Gothenburg region. We compile an annual publication of Facts & Statistics, available in both English and Swedish, providing key data on the region's business climate.

Facilitate international trade and relationships

Strong international relationships allow us to help the region's small and medium-sized companies expand into new markets. We build these relationships through ventures such as our Green Gothenburg programme, through which we can bring together companies from the region with the right operators in the international market.

We are a member of the Enterprise Europe Network, the largest European business network for small and medium sized companies. Under this scheme, companies are able to turn to us for free advice on making transactions and attracting financing within the EU. Business Region Göteborg has an office in Brussels to stay aligned with policies and issues that may strengthen the competitive advantages of companies in the region.

Create meeting places and share knowledge

To share our knowledge regarding the development of trade and industry in the Gothenburg region we create meeting places, publish news, analyses, reports, articles and much more. Both through our own various media channels and by providing good service to independent media outlets in their assignments. But we also gather information, knowledge and contacts when we represent the Gothenburg region in contexts where business relationships are generated and investment decisions prepared. We act as a conduit between the political and business spheres and create arenas for meetings focusing on what is best for trade and industry.

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