Project and host organisation

Business Region Göteborg defines itself as a project-based organisation. As a neutral party, with no financial interests in or special links to any individual organisation or company, we often take part in collaboration projects focusing on the development of trade and industry.

Our role and our input can vary, although we often act as project owner or project manager. In certain cases we serve as host organisation. On this page you will find further information regarding those we serve as host organisation for and a summary of projects we participate in.

 Host organisation for:

Enterprise Europe Network >

Enterprise Europe Network is a European business support network for small companies, which helps companies free of charge with information and advice on EU rules and financing, brokering relationships with international business partners - often via matchmaking - as well as service and assistance with technical and research cooperation at the European level.

Logistik och Transport Stiftelsen, LTS

LTS is a logistics and transport foundation that supports scientific research and university education with the aid of some sixty stakeholders to secure the knowledge and innovation needs of both enterprise and society in general. LTS acts to ensure that logistics research in the region can maintain and develop its world-leading position.

Projects we participate in

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