NB - New date! GAIA conference (Gothenburg Artificial Intelligence Alliance)

Lindholmen Conference Centre

Thursday 22 October 2020

08:00 - 17:00

The GAIA Conference is a one-day conference arranged by people and for people with a deep interest in artificial intelligence. It is an environment for networking and knowledge-sharing between companies, organisations, individuals, and academia with a common interest in machine learning and data science. Meet us there to learn more about our AI ecosystem and business opportunities within ICT?

The GAIA conference focuses on applied machine learning and data science and introduces talks of diverse content given by enthusiastic people from the field, many with local connections. The program, released during the spring on the GAIA website, will feature topics ranging from direct tricks for running models in production to how to build fair and transparent AI systems for a better society.

Visiting the 2020 GAIA Conference is an excellent opportunity to enhance your network and meet companies and engineers from the Gothenburg AI ecosystem. The 2019 GAIA Conference attracted well over 500 attendees and was sold-out. It featured talks from both local talents and internationally acclaimed speakers. This year, the conference expands at Svenska Mässan.



Business Region Göteborg and AI Innovation of Sweden are among the exhibitors. Business Region Göteborg will be represented by Erik Behm, area and investment manager for ICT: +46 31 367 6155 or erik.behm@businessregion.se. Meet us there to learn more about our AI ecosystem as well as business opportunities in Gothenburg's ICT industry. 

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