Elmob – electric vehicles for sustainable travel

Elmob is the name of a new collaborative project that is to facilitate sustainable transport in Gothenburg. The project is to develop, test and demonstrate electric-powered shared transport solutions, with a focus on electric bike sharing, electric car sharing, electric taxis and plug-in hybrid buses.

The project will develop and test electrically-powered passenger transport that makes it easier for the citizens of Gothenburg to make more sustainable travel choices. Instead of having to use their own cars regardless of the circumstances, travellers will be able to tailor their journeys based on needs and circumstances from one time to the next. Different combinations of public transport, electric car sharing, electric taxis and electric bikes will be possible, making journeys both convenient and sustainable.

The intention is to also develop travel hubs and services adapted to different types of electric vehicles. Vehicle sharing and other types of shared travel services have the potential to reduce the number of vehicles in the city, enabling us to create a better environment for citizens. Energy-efficient and quiet electric vehicles offer the potential to further improve the local environment.

The project will help create the necessary conditions to make Gothenburg a greener, more attractive and more sustainable city. Elmob, which is an abbreviation of electromobility, was initiated in 2014 and will run until 2016.

Business Region Göteborg manages one of the sub-projects, which is a further development of the HyperBus project and includes the testing of geofencing and collision detection systems.

Project participants
Business Region Göteborg, Chalmers Fastigheter, Elcykelbutiken, Göteborg Energi, Göteborgs Gatubolag, Göteborgs Stad Trafikkontoret, Innerstaden Göteborg, Jernhusen, Lindholmen Science Park, Mig’s Taxi, Move About, Off Course, Rosén & Jönsson Bilstation, Velove, Viktoria Swedish ICT, Volvo Bussar, Västtrafik och Älvstranden Utveckling

Elmob is partly financed by VINNOVA and is a collaboration between researchers, trade and industry and the City of Gothenburg.


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