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Attracting global talent to ease skills shortages

The Gothenburg region is faced with skills shortages in several areas. At the same time, the region's companies and organisations need access to top talent. Foreign nationals are, and will continue to be, an important part of the region's labour force.

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On 8-9 February, Business Region Göteborg/Move to Gothenburg will be among the exhibitors for the second consecutive year at the Emigration Expo. Held in Houten, in the Netherlands, the fair is Europe’s largest event for emigrants, expats, job seekers, entrepreneurs and anyone else looking to live abroad.

“This is one way of helping the companies make sure they have the competence they need,” says Business Region Göteborg’s Helen Bairu, who is a project developer at Move to Gothenburg.

Together with the European Employment Services (EURES) in Gothenburg, Business Region Göteborg/Move to Gothenburg will showcase career and lifestyle opportunities in the Gothenburg region.

“Right now, our major companies and their supplier base have really highly skilled jobs available. The whole value chain within automotive, for example, offers interesting jobs,” says Helen Bairu. 

“Gothenburg is smallish-big city that’s cosy, compact and well-connected; it’s also lively and has a strong cultural offering. At the same time, no matter where you are in the region you can easily access forests, lakes, parks and the archipelago,” she adds.  

Move to Gothenburg is a collaborative initiative that aims to attract and welcome skilled internationals, and get them to stay and thrive in Gothenburg and West Sweden long-term. Since it was launched in 2016, the initiative has developed and implemented tools and activities, and has worked actively to improve the process for international talent via collaboration with authorities and influence on politics.

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