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City of Gothenburg's business support measures 

The effects of the coronavirus/COVID-19 are hitting the business community very hard, not the least the hospitality industry and trade. The City of Gothenburg is therefore putting in place a number of measures in areas in which the city in various ways interacts with businesses so as to provide support and to facilitate their operations. The measures are primarily directed to small and mid-sized businesses in the sectors presently most affected, and are intended to improve these businesses' liquidity and contribute to increased sales. Below is a list of the measures the City of Gothenburg has introduced, along with contact details that businesses can use in obtaining answers to their questions.  

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1. Extended payment time for alcohol supervision fees   

The city administration Tillståndsenheten, Social resursförvaltning is granting a general extension of the payment period for alcohol supervision fees of 90 days. The supervision fees are being billed at the end of April.   

Telephone: 031-365 00 00  

2. Deferral of fee payments for building permits, inspections or licensing    

The city administration Stadsbyggnadskontoret is granting deferral of payment for building permits, inspection or licensing fees for building permit matters and construction sanction penalties. 90 days' deferral of payment of invoices is granted upon application to the relevant administration.   

Telephone: 031-368 19 60 

3. Deferral of payment of food and environmental inspections    

The city administration Miljöförvaltningen is granting deferral of payment for food and environmental inspections. 90 days' deferral of payment of invoices is granted upon application to the relevant administration.   

Telephone: 031-365 00 00    

4. Deferral of payment for water, sewage and waste management fees    

The city department administration Kretslopp och Vatten is offering deferral of payment primarily for waste and grease collection. Subscriptions for the collection of waste grease can be immediately suspended upon application.    

Enterprises that are also property owners may also receive deferral of payment for water and sewage. 90 days' deferral of payment of invoices is granted upon application to the relevant administration.   

Telephone: 031-368 27 00 

5. Deferral of payment for leases of public space    

The city administration Trafikkontoret is offering deferral of payment on invoices relating to the lease of public space for April, May and June 2020.90 days' deferral of payment of invoices is granted upon application to the relevant administration.  

Telephone: 031-365 00 00  

6. Change to permitted opening dates for outdoor dining   

The summer season date for temporary season-related building permits for outdoor dining has been changed to 19 March instead of 1 April. This entails that outdoor dining facilities may be constructed from 19 March instead of 1 April. These decisions cover outdoor dining facilities that have permits and season licenses for 2020. Restaurateurs must contact Polismyndigheten to request date changes for their operations.    


7. Prioritization of business-critical licensing and inspection cases    

The city administration Stadsbyggnadskontoret is prioritizing building permit applications for outdoor dining and Trafikkontoret is accelerating processing of letting applications for outdoor dining, in order to speed up the ability of businesses to begin their summer seasons. In order to further facilitate startup for outdoor dining, measures that can be carried out without building permits are being emphasized.    

The licensing unit is prioritizing business-critical permit cases/sanction cases regarding licensing for serving alcohol. In parallel, there is dialogue with the police to enable operations requiring security guards to temporarily reduce the required number of guards, provided that the enterprise first contacts the licensing unit.    

Miljöförvaltningen makes ongoing assessments of which control and inspection cases have the highest priority.    


Telephone: 031-368 19 60 

Telephone: 031-365 00 00 

Tillståndsenheten, social resursförvaltning 
: 031-365 00 00 

Telephone: 031-365 00 00  

8. Rental payments for premises

If you find it difficult to pay the rent in a municipality-owned property, you are welcome to contact your landlord. The municipal companies make individual assessments on the basis of current regulations.

9. Expanded consultation for businesses     

Due to the current situation, Business Region Göteborg has expanded services provided by Göteborgs Företagslots and Business Emergency Services. With extra staffing for phone and e-mail support, businesspeople in the region can turn to Företagslotsen Extra, where we offer advice and support in various ways. We cannot offer any financial contributions but are up to date on the national aid packages and the other available opportunities for financial assistance. You can also contact us here if you have general questions about the support measures mentioned on this page.    

Telephone: 031-365 00 65 

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