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The corona virus and the Gothenburg region's business community

The corona virus affects the business community in the Gothenburg region in several ways, and the business community is now facing different types of challenges as a result. We at Business Region Göteborg are therefore offering extra consultation to the region's company owners and entrepreneurs. We are keeping up to date on different support packages and have knowledge and contacts that can be helpful in dealing with various types of concrete challenges. Our ambition is to help you find your way among the support and opportunities available – please don't hesitate to contact us!

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  • Företagslotsen Extra – Advice for company owners and entrepreneurs
    Due to the current situation, we have expanded support for Göteborgs Företagslotsen and Business Emergency Service. With extra staffing for phone and e-mail communication, we welcome all company owners and entrepreneurs in the Gothenburg region to Företagslotsen Extra, where we offer consultation and support in various ways. We cannot offer any financial contributions but are up to date on the national aid packages and the other available opportunities for financial assistance. Företagslotsen Extra can be reached by phone: 031- 365 00 65 and e-mail: weekdays 8-16
  • Prepare a contingency plan – In talks with Företagslotsen Extra, the first recommendation is usually to prepare a contingency plan with the company's accountant or other financially knowledgeable person. We have collected some of Företagslotsen's most frequently asked questions on a list called Beredskapsplan för företagare (Contingency plan for company owners).  It's not a comprehensive plan, but the tips offered should give you a basis for discussion with us and for taking your next step.
  • — Site with government information for company owners and entrepreneurs has gathered the information from the authorities that is important for you to know about as a company owner or entrepreneur regarding the new corona virus and the disease COVID-19. The page is frequently updated and is a resource we often refer to and that we would be happy to guide you through.
  • The City of Gothenburg is putting in place a number of measures for businesses to provide support and to facilitate their operations. The measures are primarily aimed at small and mid-sized businesses in the sectors presently most affected, and are intended to improve these businesses' liquidity and contribute to increased sales. Here is the list of measures and contact details that businesses can use in obtaining answers to their questions. 
  • Several of the Gothenburg region's municipalities, including the City of Gothenburg, have produced support measures for company owners and entrepreneurs and collected information and references that can be useful for businesses. Here you can find links to each municipality's business information regarding the effects of the corona virus. 
  • Are you interested in opportunities for research and innovation addressing COVID-19? Swelife, a strategic innovation programme, funded by the Swedish Government via the Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova, has made a compilation of international funding and access to resources. Here you can access the full list of R&D funding opportunities

If you have comments, thoughts, ideas or wishes about the help offered, you are welcome to contact us. We will include this with in future adjustments in order to be able to help your business in the best possible way.

Contact your local municipality for locally updated information on general procedures regarding the corona virus. Here you can find information from the City of Gothenburg related to the coronavirus. (google translate)

This page is updated continuously with information on how we can help you, as well as facts that can be helpful to business people in the prevailing situation. 

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