International business

If you would like to develop your business in the international market, then there are many opportunities. Our European business network Enterprise Europe Network and direct ties with Brussels provide favourable opportunities for strengthening your company's competitiveness.
International business

A springboard to the World

Do you have a flourishing local business network but lack international contacts? We have business and government agency contacts throughout the world and are happy to help you enter the export market.

Free advice on EU issues via Enterprise Europe Network

Via the European business support network Enterprise Europe Network, we can help you – free of charge – with information and advice about EU regulations and funding, contacts, collaborations, networks and international business partner matchmaking. We can also assist you with technology and research collaborations and offer other advice about doing business in the EU. 

In addition to operating within the EU, we have an extensive network of contacts throughout the world, enabling us to help small and medium-sized companies increase their competitiveness in international markets. And you do know that companies that network in the right way grow more?
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Direct contact with Brussels

In order to promote trade and industry in the Gothenburg region, we are also represented in Brussels. By being where the action is, we can promote the Gothenburg region and thereby both our and your opportunities to participate in and influence developments in the European market. The aim is for trade and industry in the Gothenburg region to be encompassed by strategic development projects within the EU in areas such as innovation, sustainability and learning.
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Green system solution providers ready to export

Green Gothenburg is the Gothenburg region's channel for marketing the region's leading expertise in green system solutions. If your Gothenburg-based company feels ready to start exporting green system solutions, please contact Green Gothenburg.

The Gothenburg region is a prominent actor in green system solutions for reducing climate and environmental impact in waste management, transportation, urban development and energy (district heating and district cooling).

Green Gothenburg provides you with knowledge, guidance and contacts. We attract overseas stakeholders to the Gothenburg region by conveying information about the region's leading-edge expertise in green system solutions and environmental engineering. Our focus areas are waste management, transportation, urban development and energy. We tailor study visits for foreign delegations in these fields. Once the delegations are here, we present everything from GoBiGas to ElectriCity. If you work as a green system solution provider, you can contact us for information about potential export markets. We can broker the initial contact between international or national customers and Gothenburg-based companies with an eye to export deals. We arrange matchmaking between different international cities/regions and local companies in the Gothenburg region.

Would you like to see how we market green system solutions from the Gothenburg region to overseas stakeholders? Visit There you can also see examples of our study visits.


Enterprise Europe Network is the world's largest business network with 3,000 employees at 600 offices in some 60 countries. Half of the companies that have been in contact with Enterprise Europe Network have developed their business. Moreover, for half of the companies consultations have accelerated collaboration with overseas actors. On average, our networking service creates three new business contacts per company.

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Green Gothenburg is backed by several municipal companies: Göteborg Energi, Renova, Förvaltnings AB Framtiden, Gatubolaget and Älvstranden Utveckling AB. The organisation is run by Business Region Göteborg.

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