Omnisys gets help being heard in space

Measurement instruments from Gothenburg-based Omnisys are used in space to help researchers understand climate change back on Earth. However, financing is still a challenge. Thanks to Business Region Göteborg, the company is getting help to contact the right people in the EU. But it all started with a completely different expedition.
Omnisys får hjälp att höras i rymden

Omnisys has been a member of Business Region Göteborg’s growth program, Expedition Forward, for many years. This has resulted in a contact network where one connection has led to another.

Emphasizing smaller companies' roles in aerospace applications, and being able to convey the right contacts at the strategic level - in both Stockholm and Brussels - are things that BRG is able to assist with. All to increase support for the space industry in western Sweden.

“I usually get hilarious comments about how easy it should be to argue in favour of the research that our instruments support, given how serious climate change is for all mankind,” says Omnisys’ Managing Director, Martin Kores.

Unique technology
Omnisys’ satellite-borne instruments make microwave measurements of substances in the atmosphere. It is a unique niche. Spatial and temporal changes in atmospheric composition is an important key to understanding global warming. But funding is not exactly knocking on the door. To create an understanding of the space industry and the opportunities that the company's technology can create is an important part of Martin Kores’ work tasks.


We need to make our voice heard. In this context, cooperation with Business Region Göteborg has been worthwhile, says Omnisys’ Managing Director´Martin Kores.

This applies at both the national and European level. Much research is being conducted in collaboration across national borders and the EU is a major funder.

Opening doors in Brussels
Therefore, it can be good to be able to get help in that context.

“Business Region Göteborg's office in Brussels is opening the doors to the right authorities for us and is creating awareness about what we do. They are helping us to strengthen western Swedish interest in future projects within the framework of the EU program, Horizon 2020.

The space cluster in Gothenburg, with Chalmers University of Technology as a knowledge hub, has great potential and can become an important growth engine in the region,” says Martin Kores,  But then it is necessary to position ourselves for the future and that is where Business Region Göteborg is incredibly important as a long-term, strategic, cooperative partner.

“They are very skilled, always straightforward and are very result-oriented. The cooperation is a fun part of my work,” says Martin Kores.


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