We give your company the power to grow

Many companies fail to grow as quickly as they could. This is why we created Expedition Forward – an individually tailored programme that provides small and medium-sized companies in the Gothenburg region with the power to grow and realise their full potential.

We begin with your company's needs and offer knowledge and contacts that provide new opportunities throughout your growth journey. Work is conducted in accordance with a tried and tested model and surveys show that participating companies develop a full 20% better than their competitors.

Look to the future
Every successful journey begins with careful preparations. You most probably have a vision or gut instinct for how far your company can go. We conduct an analysis that presents your company's current situation together with the opportunities and challenges associated with growing at the desired rate.

Choose a path
A good roadmap is indispensable for finding your way. Based on your circumstances, we draw up an action plan showing the goals to be achieved and how they are to be realised on the journey.

Start your growth journey
Time to climb aboard. Our corporate advisors guide you along the way and our toolbox is packed with value creation initiatives and activities to aid you.

Which companies can participate?
The Expedition Forward growth programme is aimed at companies with 5–249 employees. The participating company representative should be the CEO, the owner or another key executive. The most important selection criterion is that the company truly wants to grow.

Long term but never tiresome
Time is something we're always short of – especially business executives. Expedition Forward is a long-term growth programme and our growth survey shows that it is important to set aside time to participate. As a rule of thumb, you need to invest about eight hours a month for at least three years to achieve the best results.

Are you interested in the programme? If so, please contact Susanne Abildtrup.

Are you curious about which other companies participate? Take a look here!

A few words from our participants
Companies that participate in the growth programme grow faster and achieve, on average, 20% better results than their competitors. The more actively you participate, the greater your growth. Here you can meet some of the companies participating in the growth programme and see what they have to say about Expedition Forward.

From SEK 18 to 100 million in turnover
Expedition Forward has helped develop both the business and its market position. Cactus is a long-time participant and both turnover and personnel numbers have increased more than fivefold. "I definitely think you should try Expedition Forward – for both your company's sake and your own."

Added a new dimension – building the business
The challenge faced by Mats & Arne Arkitektkontor was to bolster work on their vision. Today, the entire company is on a completely different level. "Now we're building the business, which was a major transition for me mentally. It's been extremely rewarding."

Turnover has tripled
PiiGAB had plateaued in its development and chose to join Expedition Forward in order to move on. Since joining the growth programme, the company has tripled its turnover and gained new committed coworkers. "Today, we run a more professional operation that is well structured in all areas."

Participants in Expedition Forward achieve 20% better growth and results than their competitors
Which initiatives are truly responsible for creating growth? Our growth report gives you the answers and clearly shows that companies participating in Expedition Forward grow faster and achieve better results than their competitors. The more actively you participate, the greater your growth.

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