Focus areas

Gothenburg is one of the most rapidly expanding regions in Europe, with residents, jobs and the level of investment all on the rise. The region offers many opportunities across a wide range of industries. More information is available in the menu on the left.
Industry strengths

A strategic hub for logistics and transport

Gothenburg has always been international. Foreign trade has been a defining feature ever since the city of Gothenburg was founded in 1621. Today around 30 per cent of all Sweden´s foreign trade passes through the Port of Gothenburg. This is now Scandinavia´s biggest port, and is one of the main reasons why Gothenburg has been named best logistical location.

Cutting-edge R&D

Gothenburg also boasts a proud tradition of investing in research and the commercialisation of research findings. The region´s three science parks are a breeding ground for successful and innovative collaboration between industry, academia and the public sector. World-leading research within a number of strategic fields has also attracted many foreign investors. Today, one in four of the city´s employees works for a foreign-owned company. This figure has quadrupled since 1990, and is still growing.


Gothenburg has a highly skilled and well educated pool of professional talent. The region’s two main universities – Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg - collectively have around 50 000 students.


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