The Finance Sector in the Gothenburg Region

Gothenburg is part of an expansive region with a long-standing tradition of international trade and enterprise. As business has developed, a strong finance sector has taken root and today the region has a leading position in, for example, trade finance and treasury management. Business Region Göteborg can provide you with knowledge, contacts and can open doors to collaborations.

Knowledge, contacts and networks

If you work in the finance sector in the Gothenburg region and are in need of skills development in your field, we have the right forums for you. The finance sector is of great importance to the region's economy and business climate. We want the industry to grow and remain in the region.

Centre of Finance Excellence

The Centre of Finance Excellence, or FinansKompetensCentrum in Swedish, is an association of more than 80 member companies where you can meet like-minded people. Western Sweden's only independent finance association keeps you abreast of what's happening in the industry. We offer conferences and seminars with renowned Swedish experts, inspiration and the opportunity to establish interesting new contacts. In brief, this is a forum for both personal and business development.

The Centre of Finance Excellence is a neutral knowledge partner that prioritises the interests of its members. Perhaps this is also why most of the region's key finance sector personnel are among our members.  Business Region Göteborg runs the Centre of Finance Excellence, and you can read more about it here:

”In an industry in transformation support and initiatives are required to secure expertise and attract skilled employees. The Centre of Finance Excellence offers professional networking comprising new knowledge, relevant contacts and inspiration.”

Karin Eriksson, Area Manager Finance

Gothenburg – The Market Town

With such close proximity to the sea, Gothenburg has been an important trade hub since as far back as the 1700s and today the region has Sweden's foremost logistics location, much due to the Port of Gothenburg and Göteborg Landvetter Airport. As trade has developed, a strong finance sector has taken shape, guaranteeing viable trade and industry. Trade and industry here encompasses any number of businesses, both large and small. The larger enterprises include several global actors, such as the Volvo companies, SKF and AstraZeneca.

The region's finance sector

The finance sector is of great importance to the Gothenburg region's economy and business climate. Gothenburg has a leading position in the field of trade finance (the assessment and management of business risks) and another strategically important field is treasury management.

The key players in the finance sector, employing more than 7,500 people, are commercial and savings banks, with SEB, Swedbank and Nordea to the fore, along with other companies and financial institutions, such as the various AP Funds that manage Sweden's state pension funds. Gothenburg University also encompasses the School of Business, Economics and Law, with its Centre for Finance working to contribute to the development of sustainable financial infrastructure.

With its history as a trading and logistics hub, the Gothenburg region is a natural venue for major actors in the financial sector, and many companies in the region have large, in-house finance departments staffed by experts. Among the 2,800 workplaces found in the region, we even find the head offices of Collector Bank, Volvofinans Bank and the Swedish pension fund management companies Andra AP-fonden and Sjätte AP-fonden.
Then there are a growing number of small businesses and startups with tech profiles – a development which benefits the financial ecosystem and is expected to continue.

On the whole, the gamut of expertise has shifted from traditional banking and finance towards greater IT focus. Digitisation also helps to lower the barriers between related industries; new digital services have a broader base and encompass not only finance, but also IT security, insurance and law. At both the Gothenburg University School of Business, Economics and Law and Chalmers University of Technology, advanced academic research is pursued within, for example, trade finance and supply chain management.

How we can help

Business Region Göteborg creates the conditions for companies and actors in the financial industry to interact and meet. Primarily through the Centre of Finance Excellence, or FinansKompetensCentrum in Swedish, a non-profit organisation tasked with developing financial expertise in the region. Its aims are achieved by mediating contacts, knowledge and inspiration, as well as by networks for cross-pollinating industries and creating links between academia, business and the public sector. Business Region Göteborg’s mission is also to promote Gothenburg and to help forge paths out in to the global market for financial industry companies based in Western Sweden

Did you know that...

… there are more than 2,800 workplaces in the finance sector in the Gothenburg region?
… both the Second and Sixth AP Funds have their head offices in Gothenburg?
… the Centre of Finance Excellence organises the annual Finance Day event? In addition to bestowing the Finance Prifile of the Year Award, seminars are held to discuss current issues.
… the Connect2Capital venture capital forum is held in Gothenburg? This is an event at which growth companies can meet national and international investors.
… in 2013, Gothenburg became the first city in the world to issue green bonds to finance investments that benefit the environment and the climate?

Are you interested in joining the Centre of Finance Excellence? Contact Karin Eriksson. Contact details can be found on the left.
Are you interested in how Gothenburg works with green bonds today? Visit Green Gothenburg's website

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