ICT, Information and Communication Technology

ICT has become an integrated part of our society. The Gothenburg region is home to cutting edge expertise in several fields, such as telematics, microwave technology and digital visualisation. Business Region Göteborg provides you with knowledge and contacts and opens doors for those who would like to be a part of the industry.

The digital transformation is founded on innovation – but is primarily driven by customer, users and the societies changing demands, needs and behaviours. Among other things, through high knowledge and expertise in new technologies, West Sweden ICT actors are involved in digitalising companies, industries and many parts of the wider society

A strong regional ict sector helps others to develop

ICT, Information Communication Technology, is one of West Sweden’s strongest growth industries, with over 5,300 companies and around 26,500 specialists. ICT drives development within such fields as health, transport and safety, which, in turn, creates more jobs. We are in the midst of a digital transformation: A sign of this is, for example, that large companies like SKF are starting their own software development units. This situation provides very fertile conditions for small and medium-­sized, research-intensive IT companies and consultants, especially in B2B. ICT supports strong, well-developed clusters for collaborations, networking and meeting places within ICT, with a focus on five strength areas: Embedded Systems, Infrastructure & Cloud, Mobile Technology, Microwaves and Visualisation & Gaming.

But there are challenges. Among other things, training needs to be ­extended to ever more people, skills need to be increased and companies made visible. Business Region Göteborg collaborates with Brains Business in Aalborg and IKT Norge in Oslo to strengthen ICT companies via a shared Scandinavian platform that creates opportunities to develop and reach out internationally. Another example is TechNordic - a nordic innovation project within ICT.

Five focus areas

ICT is one of the Gothenburg region's strongest growth industries spanning more than 5,300 different companies. These include Ericsson, along with the company's second largest research and development facility, Volvo IT, Telia Sonera and Saab Microwave Systems.

ICT is used throughout society and the application areas are both many and varied. At BRG we focus our initiatives on five categories, which we assess to be strong in the Gothenburg region with good growth potential. These five areas are:

  • Embedded systems
  • Infrastructure and cloud services
  • Mobile technology
  • Visualisation and gaming
  • Microwave technology

Business Region Göteborg strengthens the ICT industry by initiating and participating in networks, cutting edge clusters and meeting places. We're even party to research and development projects and have chosen to highlight a number of areas that are essential to overcoming future challenges in sustainability, health and mobility:

  • e-Health
  • Smart networks
  • Logistics, transport, enterprise resource planning

Business Region Göteborg mediates contacts and supports companies and investors that are interested in establishing or expanding their operations here. 

Several areas very much in focus are Artificial Intelligens & Big Data, Security, EdTech and AR/VR. 

A mapping of AI in West Sweden is available here >
A mapping of Cybersecurity is available here > 
A mapping of AR & VR is available here >
Microwave competences in West Sweden is available here > 
IoT in West Sweden is available here >
E-commerce in West Sweden is available here > 

We have done a mapping of the university programmes within ICT in West Sweden. The report is available here >


“The ongoing digital transformation brings about incalculable opportunities in the areas where our established strengths lie. But there are also emerging areas where we can establish further strengths, such as EdTech, the Internet of things, security and AI.”


Erik Behm, Area & Investment Manager ICT

Environments for innovation

The Gothenburg region is a favourable environment for actors in ICT. We have two universities that offer qualitative research and education, several major industrial companies and close collaborations between enterprise, academia and the public sector. There are also large industries in need of new IT solutions, such as the automotive industry, the logistics sector and the life sciences.

Cross-disciplinary and cross-industry collaborations are channelled via three science parks, the largest being Lindholmen Science Park with a focus on vehicles, ICT and media. Lindholmen is home to Vehicle ICT Arena, which works with vehicle IT, TUCAP, which is a development centre for ICT functions in ambulance environments, and Visual Arena, a neutral environment for development projects in visualisation. Also found here is Open Arena, which is a physical meeting place for open innovation and research collaboration across boundaries.

Gothenburg even has several incubators, such as Chalmers Innovation and Sahlgrenska Science Park, where new projects and spin-off companies can get help with business development, premises, financing and more.

How we can help

Business Region Göteborg creates the conditions for companies and actors in the ICT industry to interact and meet. through mutual regional, national and international collaborations. With the help of its networks and contacts, Business Region Göteborg can create fruitful connections between industries and contribute to finding links between academia, business and society. Within InvestICT, we partner with Business Sweden and other metropolitan regions in the Nordic countries to market Gothenburg and to help forge paths out in to the global market for ICT industry companies based in Western Sweden.


Favourable conditions

- 5,300 ICT companies with more than 26,500 ICT specialists
- 3 science parks: Lindholmen, Johanneberg and Sahlgrenska Science Park. Chalmers University of Technology: about 10,000 students, four institutions with ICT-related research and six cutting edge programmes in components, systems and software.
- The IT University is the joint organisation of Chalmers and Gothenburg University for the promotion of research, education and collaboration in IT and communication.

Did you know that…

.. Diglt 
A school project in which participants discover what the IT and ­telecomms sector has to offer them – and the world. 
Together we can increase interest in IT and technology jobs and thus advance the digitalisation process.

... All Age Hub
An innovative collaboration platform for welfare technology and other services, as well as solutions aimed at the elderly and people with functional variations of all ages? From this year, entrepreneurs with ideas can more easily reach the region’s municipalities via AllAgeHub. The project is a collaboration between around twenty actors, including Region Västra Götaland, 12 member municipalities in the Gothenburg region’s Association of Local Authorities, the science parks and ­Business Region Göteborg.

... TechNordic
An innovation project that works to take research concepts to companies, to tie the regions closer together, to market the region as a whole in the global market and to work from a long-term perspective on access to skills.

Regional assets in ICT

Chalmers Antenna Systems Excellence Center >
Via Chalmers Antenna Systems Excellence Center, or Chase, Chalmers pursues research in collaboration with about 15 corporate partners. The focus is on applied research in antenna systems, sensor systems, biomedical electromagnetism, communication systems and signal processing.

Dataföreningen i Sverige, Västra Kretsen
An interest group for those working with IT and digital expertise. The Computer Association of Sweden (Dataföreningen i Sverige) conducts activities throughout Sweden and is organised into geographic areas (in this case, Western Sweden).

Elektronikindustriföreningen i Göteborg, EIG > (Swedish only)
The Electronics Industry Association of Gothenburg, or EIG, is an independent, non-profit association tasked with representing, asserting and developing the electronic industry's interests in Western Sweden. Primarily for small to medium-sized electronics companies. Among other things, EIG presents an electronics company of the year award and organises seminars.

Embedded Gothenburg > (Swedish only)
A networking group for everyone who works with embedded systems in Gothenburg and Western Sweden.

Fibre Optic Communications Research Centre, Force >
A Chalmers-based centre that aims to coordinate all relevant research in fibre-optic communication. The research is cross-disciplinary and spans the entire chain from components to systems and from analysis to experiments.

GigaHertz Centre >
An international consortium comprising Chalmers and the industry that aims to more rapidly convert research in microwave and terahertz technologies into practical applications in wireless communication, defence, security and space.

An interest group for those working with IT infrastructure development in Western Sweden.

Invest ICT > (Swedish only)
Invest ICT was created to help small and medium-sized Swedish IT and telecom companies link up with overseas partners and investors. Invest ICT has personnel in the USA, China, India, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

IT&Telekomföretagen > (Swedish only)
IT&Telekomföretagen is a member organisation for all companies in the IT and telecom sector. It acts to develop the market by focusing on measures that include highlighting the benefits of IT and telecom.

Microwave Road >
National cluster in microwave technology focused on internationally viable technology and business development. Gathers and organises enterprise, universities, research institutes and regional and national social actors.

Software Center >
Works in strategic partnership with industry to speed the introduction of new software engineering methods.

Viktoria Swedish ICT >
A non-profit IT research institute focused on vehicle and transport informatics employing about 30 researchers.

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