A well-functioning infrastructure is crucial to the growth of a region, in terms of both business and inhabitants. A number of major investments are being made in the Gothenburg region, which will further develop the region. Business Region Göteborg provides you with knowledge and contacts and opens doors to collaboration.

Providing a voice for trade and industry in infrastructure matters

The region’s growth is faciliated by a well-functioning infrastructure is needed on many levels: people want to arrive at their destination easily, safely and on time, whether they travel on foot, by bike, by public transport or by car. The transport of goods and products needs to be smooth and sustainable. Travelling in and out of the region also needs to be simple and hassle-free. These are all factors that influence the perceived attractiveness of a region in terms of how it is to develop in, to set up a business in or to move to.

Many major infrastructure projects are currently underway, including several within the framework of the West Swedish Package. Gothenburg will soon benefit from more connection points to its waterways and increased capacity on the railways, while many projects related to public transport are also planned. At the same time, the demands on the city are growing and even more investments are needed. Among other things, the expected increases in volume and the demands for more sustainable solutions mean that a new structure needs to be developed. These factors tie in to urban development, whereby sustainable mobility and good transportation are key issues.

“Gothenburg will be a vibrant city with smart traffic that is ­characterised by accessibility, ­availability and reliability. In both ­
the short and long term.”

John Wedel, Manager Infrastructure

How we can help 

Business Region Göteborg continuously assesses the needs of the business sector as regards infrastructure, and uses the results of such assessments to influence public processes. We also create the conditions for companies and actors to interact and meet and discuss the their requirements. We participate in several different regional, national and international collaborations and can use our networks and contacts to make fruitful connections between industries, so that they can find links between academia, business and society. We are committed to taking an active role in various issues and decisions concerning the development of the region. 

Did you know that…

... Business Region Göteborg holds information seminars on infrastructure, especially formulated for SMEs, each autumn? These are a way of helping companies to plan and adapt their travel and transport.

... the region’s infrastructure is affected by decisions made in several different forums? Business Region Göteborg is a member of the Gothenburg City Freight Network, the Gothenburg region’s infrastructure group and Region Västra Götaland’s Freight Transport Group.

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