Gothenburg is Scandinavia’s leading logistics centre – 150 million tonnes of goods pass through the city every year. The city is home to numerous giants of trade and industry, world-class logistics research and is a centre of innovations for sustainable logistics. Business Region Göteborg provides you with knowledge and contacts and opens doors to collaboration.

The logistic hub of Scandinavia and a innovative centre for a sustainable future

Gothenburg’s history as a port and trading hub forms the foundation for the city’s and the region’s role in import and export, today via the Port of Gothenburg and Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, the railways and the roads. Strategically located, efficient warehouses and distribution centres contribute to the region’s strong profile in logistics, which is backed up by outstanding research in the field. Large logistics companies are also represented here.

Air freight and research

The goods chain is reinforced by Göteborg Landvetter Airport, which offers international air freight services. Terminals and warehouses adjacent to the airport offer the fastest transshipment of goods in all of Europe. Swedavia, which operates Göteborg Landvetter Airport, is a world leader in the development of airports with minimal environmental impact.

Another factor that further reinforces the region's position as a leading logistics location is the Northern LEAD Logistics Centre at Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University. This centre pursues research in logistics and transport with a focus on sustainable development.

The pursuit of sustainable logistics solutions

A key component in the pursuit of sustainable logistics solutions for the future is a number of test arenas and development projects that Business Region Göteborg is involved in. For example, the electric bus project, ElectriCity, which has been developed and tested in Gothenburg;  Society LTS, which supports research and education, and; Logistic Hub Scandinavia, in which the region’s actors work to strengthen Gothenburg’s position as the most important hub for logistics and transport in Scandinavia. Business Region Göteborg is also involved in the development of a new logistics strategy for Gothenburg, with the aim of creating the optimal conditions for sustainable infrastructure solutions, efficient logistics and enhanced human resource planning.


“Gothenburg is a green city, and this affects the way we view logistics. Sustainability is at the centre, which has led to the development of several exciting solutions and projects for the future.”


John Wedel, Manager Logistics

Here are a few of the initiatives in which we are currently involved:

ElectriCity >
In June 2015 a new electric bus service will be tested in Gothenburg. The idea behind the project is to create quiet, emission-free public transport to help further modern urban development. Aside from the actual buses, the collaboration encompasses the development of new bus stop solutions, safety concepts, traffic control systems and energy supply systems.

The Scandinavian 8 Million City >
The aim of the EU's The Scandinavian 8 Million City project (which ended in autumn 2014) was to create a Scandinavian metropolitan region via a modern rail link between Oslo, Gothenburg and Copenhagen with a journey time of two and a half hours. Even though this particular project has come to an end, the matter is still on the agenda.

Logistic Hub Scandinavia >
A collaboration between Business Region Göteborg, Swedavia Göteborg Landvetter Airport and the Port of Gothenburg to strengthen the region's position as a leading logistics location by attracting logistics companies and new air and sea routes.

Logistik och Transport Stiftelsen, LTS
LTS is a logistics and transport foundation that supports scientific research and university education with the aid of some sixty stakeholders to secure the knowledge and innovation needs of both enterprise and society in general. LTS acts to ensure that logistics research in the region can maintain and develop its world-leading position.

How we can help

Business Region Göteborg creates the conditions for companies and actors in the logistics industry to interact and meet. through mutual regional, national and international collaborations. With the help of its networks and contacts, Business Region Göteborg can create fruitful connections between industries and find links between academia, business and ­society. Our mission is also to promote Gothenburg and to help forge paths out in to the global market for logistics ­industry companies based in Western Sweden.

Did you  know that...

...for more than ten years running, the Gothenburg region has topped the list of Sweden's best logistics locations. According to Swedish-language trade publication Intelligent Logistik, one key factor is the Port of Gothenburg and the railway lines. Other strengths that are mentioned include the region's collaboration with Oslo and its surrounds.

... there are approximately 100 senior logistics researchers working in the ­Gothenburg region, at Chalmers ­University of Technology and the ­University of Gothenburg? Their activities make Gothenburg one of the world’s foremost research clusters, with a focus on economics, technology and marketing within the field of logistics.

... Gothenburg’s innovative goods transport solutions enjoy international recognition? Representatives from other cities often come here to learn from how Gothenburg, for example, ­solved the issue of distribution to 150 city centre shops through the use of electric vehicles

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