Gothenburg airport offers 10 new routes

Gothenburg’s accessibility receives a lift with new direct flight routes in 2017. The city’s major airport now offers non-stop flights to around 100 destinations.

The Polish capital, Warsaw, is the latest in a string of new destination announcements from Göteborg Landvetter Airport. LOT Polish airlines will launch the service on 28 August.

“More direct flights means greater accessibility to and from the region. And this will contribute to more opportunities for business,” says Henrik Einarsson, head of the establishment and investment department at Business Region Göteborg.

“The possibilities for travelling further out into the world are also increased. Through Warsaw, for example, it’s possible to travel on to many destinations in Eastern Europe.”

So far, 10 new routes have been added:

  • Bergen with Wideroe, 1 departure/week from December 2016
  • Riga with Air Baltic, 6 departures/week from June 2017
  • Split with Norwegian, 2 departures/week from March 2017
  • Thessaloniki with Ryanair, 2 departures/week from March 2017
  • Vilnius with Wizz, 2 departures/week from March 2017
  • Birmingham with bmi Regional, 6 departures/week from May 2017
  • Vienna with Austrian Airlines, 3 departures/week from June 2017
  • Tallinn with Nordica, 6 departures/week from August 2017
  • Warsaw with LOT, 6 departures/week from August 2017
  • Krakow (Ryanair), from October 2017

Several existing services are also expanding with more departures and larger planes.

  • Berlin with Air Berlin, + 1 departure/week, as well as a larger plane (> + 1000 seats/week)
  • Amsterdam with KLM, + 1 departure/day (ca +1000 seats/week)
  • Helsinki with Finnair, + 2-5 departures/week depending on month (ca +500-1000 seats/week)
  • Zurich with Swiss, + 1 departure/week (ca +200 seats/week)
  • Hamburg with Czech Airlines, larger plane (+400 seats/week)
  • Belgrade, Tuzla och Skopje with Wizzair, + 1 departure/week for all three (+180 seats/week/route)
  • Alicante, Malaga, Palma and Rome with Norwegian, + 1 departure/week for all four (+188 seats/week/route)
  • Madrid with Norwegian, extended season, now from March instead of June
  • Malaga, Alicante, Pisa with Ryanair, on average + 1 departure/week for all three (+189 seats/week/route)
  • Prague with Czech Airlines, + 3 departures/week during the high season
  • Malaga with SAS during the high season

Göteborg Landvetter Airport is located about 25 kilometres from Gothenburg’s city centre. In 2016, the airport had set a new record with a total of 6.4 million passengers (4.9 million international and 1.5 million domestic). 

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