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The Gothenburg region has been a hub for global trade since the 1700s. Openness to the world still characterises today's diversified trade and industry. The Gothenburg region is home to multinational companies, small entrepreneurs and clusters boasting the kind of competences in demand in the global markets. The region is currently undergoing rapid development, generated by substantial investments in research and product development. At the same time, plans are being made for billions in investments in infrastructure and construction.

Living and working in the region

Combing work with varied leisure activities is easy in the Gothenburg region. With good transport options, nature and stimulating cultural experiences are never far away. Welcome to the region of opportunity.

Living and working in the region
Living and working

Establish a business in the region

Business Region Göteborg is your gateway when establishing and investing in the Gothenburg region. We provide you with the knowledge, facts and right contacts to succeed. Our services are confidential and free of charge.

Establish a business
Establish a business
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Facts and statistics


Learn to know our region through facts and figures

The region is expected to pass 1 000 000 inhabitants in 2017