A leading research region, which is highly competitive on the international stage

The Gothenburg region's private sector invests at large-scale in R&D activities annually in order to develop innovative and competitive products and services that hit the global market. Compared to other Swedish metropolitan regions, the share of the private sector R&D of the total value of goods and services is higher in the Gothenburg region. This also indicates that the Gothenburg region is home to an advanced industry with high R&D capacity.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the private sector R&D as a share of the Gross Regional Product (GRP) has decreased. A large part of the falling trend can be explained by a chaotic period with both smaller and larger global crises. Thanks to a period of strong economic growth in the Gothenburg region from 2014 onwards, the R&D-investments in the private sector have once again increased. In 2017, the Gothenburg region's private sector invested €2.2 billion in R&D projects at its own initiative. In the same year, the total value of goods and services produced was €52 billion. This gives Gothenburg region’s private sector a R&D share of GRP of just over 4 per cent, which is significantly higher than other metropolitan regions and Sweden as a whole.

Source: Statistics Sweden and Business Region Göteborg

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