Access to expertise

With hundreds of vocational programmes and two universities, the Gothenburg region has a well-educated workforce.
Access to expertise

However, ongoing major investments in development initiatives in the Gothenburg region entail a growing need among trade and industry for a workforce with cutting-edge expertise in specific areas. As a consequence, efforts are continually under way to reach out to people with such expertise who consider the Gothenburg region an attractive alternative for their professional development.

Increasingly more people are choosing to live and work in the Gothenburg region. The region is expected to pass one million inhabitants in 2017, and the dominant group is young adults with an eye to studying.

The Gothenburg region can offer some 140 vocational programmes, all with curricula drawn up in collaboration with employers to match labour market needs in fields such as construction, economics and healthcare.

Between them, Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg have about 50,000 students, many of them with international backgrounds. These two seats of learning offer leading-edge study programmes and cross-disciplinary research in collaboration with companies and government agencies in a number of different areas, such as medicine, IT, transport, logistics and maritime industries.


Did you know that…

…there is a centre of excellence for vehicle and traffic safety in Gothenburg? Chalmers is host to SAFER, which gathers 27 partners from academia, enterprise and the public sector.
…the Gothenburg region has a larger share of highly educated inhabitants than the rest of Sweden? Almost half of all inhabitants aged 25 to 64 in the region have a post-secondary education.
…GOArt is the name of an organ art centre at the University of Gothenburg? The centre pursues research in the field focused on both artistic and cultural heritage aspects.
…companies in the Gothenburg region represent 22 percent of Sweden's total investments in research and development? This makes us one of the most research-intense regions in Europe.
…the Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre is located in Gothenburg, at Chalmers University of Technology? Also found here are Lighthouse and Northern LEAD, national centres of excellence for shipping and logistics respectively.
…more than 100 researchers collaborate at the AgeCap centre for ageing and health? The centre's aim is to increase the quality of life and civic participation of older people.
Source: Business Region Göteborg, Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg



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