Diversified trade and industry

The Gothenburg region is experiencing strong growth and the region ranks highly relative to other European growth regions. The aim is to maintain and reinforce this position by offering an attractive environment for trade and industry to flourish and for people to live. The strategic position of the Gothenburg region in Scandinavia, an international airport and Scandinavia's largest port mean that the entire world is within reach. A rich diversity in nature, a high standard of living and good travel links mean that the quality of life outside of work is no less attractive.
Diversified trade and industry

There are today more than 750 different industries represented in the Gothenburg region. The automotive industry and logistics, information and communication technology and the pharmaceutical industry dominate. Other significant areas include maritime businesses, tourism and trade.

Small and large companies cooperate fruitfully to develop, produce and market new services and products.

Smart collaboration

A close collaborative atmosphere between trade and industry, academia and government creates an attractive environment for business. Networks, clusters and three large science parks foster innovation and cutting-edge expertise. The region is a global leader in research and product development in numerous fields. A strong tradition of collaboration between various actors contributes to the region's successes.

Lindholmen Science Park is the largest. Among a range of projects, activities at the park include high technology development work for the automotive industry in close collaboration with the development of media technology and green technologies. At Johanneberg Science Park, large and small industrial companies and service companies collaborate on education and research within a range of fields including sustainable urban development. Sahlgrenska Science Park is an important actor within medicine and life science, with close ties to the clinical research carried out at northern Europe's largest university hospital.

Global enterprises

Since 1990, the number of foreign-owned companies in the Gothenburg region has almost quadrupled to around 3,000 foreign-owned places of work employing just over 84,000 people. The largest global enterprises in the region are the Volvo Group, which develops and markets heavy vehicles, the car manufacturer Volvo Cars and the pharmaceuticals company AstraZeneca. Other large companies with their head offices, or important development divisions, in the region include Akzo Nobel, Ericsson, Mölnlycke Health Care, SCA and SKF.

At the same time, the small and medium-sized companies are also experiencing growth, and the long-term trend points to the region's dependence on the largest companies as employers decreasing. The rate of formation of new companies is also going up. Around 7,700 new companies were registered in 2015.


Largest companies in the Gothenburg Region

Volvo Lastvagnar AB                                 3 925
Chalmers Tekniska Högskola AB              3 125
SKF Sverige AB                                         2 800
Postnord Sverige AB                                 2 525
Volvo Information Technology AB             2 475
Ericsson AB                                               2 225
AstraZeneca AB                                         2 175
Samhall AB                                                1 575
SCA Hygiene Products AB                        1 425
Source: Statistics Sweden


Open to the world

Gothenburg, recognised and founded by royal charter in 1621, was built by Germans and Dutch and developed into a key city for shipping and trade during the 18th century. During the 1800s and through the 1900s, industry in Gothenburg developed thanks to technology and competence arriving from England and Scotland. The economy expanded as people came to the area from the former Yugoslavia, Finland, Italy and Greece in search of work.
The countries that invest the most in the Gothenburg region today include Norway, Germany, Denmark and the USA.
Source: City of Gothenburg, Statistics Sweden  



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