Counselling - What we can do for you

Business Region Göteborg offers a range of services - free of charge - to people in the Gothenburg region who are curious about or who want to start their own business.
Advice and Counselling

It's easy to start up a new business in the Gothenburg region. By offering knowledge and contacts, we help entrepreneurs and innovators turn their business concepts into reality. In addition,most of the process is completely free of charge.

What we can do for you

Business Region Göteborg has a regular programme of various seminars and workshops for new entrepreneurs, covering everything from book-keeping and drawing up a business plan to tax regulations, employment laws and labour rights. Being able to meet others in the same situation and create new contacts is also a bonus.

In addition to more practical services, we also help with more overarching matters to make starting up and running a company as easy as possible. 

Operational elements:

  • Start-up courses – Start-up courses run all year round in the Gothenburg region. A popular activity providing insight into entrepreneurship. Read more about these courses in our calendar.
  • Business Center – Here, we offer free advice in certain areas of Gothenburg where a little additional support is required to get a company up and running. We currently have one Business Center in Angered and one in Biskopsgården.
  • One Stop Future Shop – A collaborative project to provide extra support to recent immigrants, foreign-born residents and women. Read more about the project here:
  • Social Entrepreneurship – Business development and financial support to entrepreneurs who want to start companies within the social economy. Our social enterprise programme for autumn 2016 is called One Stop Academy, an accelerator in which 12 businesses are evaluated and developed to become long-term, sustainable companies within the social economy.
  • Workshops/seminars – Developmental and practical activities for new entrepreneurs and those interested in starting a company. See and read more on all of our workshops and seminars in our calendar.

Strategic elements:

  • A strong entrepreneurial spirit with numerous newly-established businesses is key to the economic growth of a region. This is often the place that innovations are born and brought to reality. Starting up a new company can also be a pathway into the labour market for some people, which increases employment in the long-term. In order to strengthen the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and increase entrepreneurship, widespread investment is required all across the city. And right now, a major project is launched to boost the entrepreneurial climate in the Gothenburg region. By assembling several esteemed organisations that can help to provide information and advice on starting-up and running a business in one place we are about to create an entrepreneurial attitude and atmosphere. Thanks to the establishment of YESBOX - Home of entrepreneurs in Gamlestaden we will manage to further improve accessibility and service to those who want to start up and develop their business concepts.
  • 2021 – As part of the build up to the 400th anniversary of Gothenburg's founding, Business Region Göteborg is running a number of projects aiming to boost the entrepreneurial spirit of the city. One of those is YESBOX. Other aspects of the programme include the way we communicate all parts of the attitude shift that will underpin a more entrepreneurial business spirit in Gothenburg. With projects such as Saltet on Ringön (in Swedish), we will also broaden the concept of entrepreneurship to also cover creative and artistic activities. Read all about the anniversary.


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