Social Entrepreneurship

The vision we share is that Gothenburg is to be a city where people want to commit to something, and where this energy is harnessed. The innovative power and creativity in the city should contribute to a society that is sustainable in the long term and to a better world.
Social entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurship is a broad concept with one distinct notion: The creation of businesses that contribute to a better society. It is crucial that the City of Gothenburg makes use of its inhabitants' drive to find new solutions to social problems. This is also a key area in the push to develop ever more sustainable businesses in Gothenburg.

The point of Social Entrepreneurship is that financial interests take a back seat to social benefit. But even if you are not motivated by money, funding and business development investments are required to push forward a project or a business to make it sustainable.

During the period 2014-2016, Business Region Göteborg was assigned by the City of Gothenburg to build the foundations for better Social Entrepreneurship in the city. This took the form of both financial investments and business development ventures. You can read about the efforts and projects that we carried out during the period below.

Eforts and projects on Social Entrepreneurship

The Brewhouse Award, Sweden's most inventive concept and innovation competition, is contested by creators and innovators within architecture, computer games, design, film, photography, art, cultural heritage, literature, media and market communication, fashion, music, food, performing arts, craft and handiwork and experience-based teaching. Brewhouse has been assigned to identify new talents in the aforementioned industries, all falling under the umbrella term Cultural and Creative Enterprise, CCE.

The competition has three categories; "By and with youth", "Social innovations and social entrepreneurship" and "Open application - creator's choice". Check it out here: The Brewhouse Award.

Varsågod(a) – announcement of project support for Social Entrepreneurship. A project whereby businesses can apply for financial support to develop their offering and, by doing so, achieve better commercial sustainability in their operations. The project was initiated in spring 2016 and will continue until the turn of the year. At this point we will be able to see what kind of results the financial support has had. 

One Stop Academy is a social accelerator – A development programme concentrating on Social Entrepreneurship. The programme consists of workshops and seminars on the topics of business development, leadership, concept development – with social enterprise as the underlying bedrock.

The accelerator programme will take place during the period 8 September–12 November and comprises 12 obligatory training sessions. Each session is either a half or whole day. In the accelerator, participants will also be given the opportunity to benefit from individual business development and mentoring. There are a total of 12 places on the course – with six spots held in reserve.

We are already making a major online footprint with the accelerator. Only in the last 24 Tweets we have reached 5575 and has held 634 international unique profile visits from Sweden, UK, USA, Finland, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, Spain and France. Of them, 63% men and 37% women. You can follow its progress #onestopacademy.

Mikrofonden Väst – In collaboration with Mikrofonden Väst, we also offer microloans to businesses within the framework of social enterprise. These may, for example, help with a credit line at the bank, providing you with a better liquidity flow and allowing you to make payments before receiving money due. Or maybe you can receive assistance with a rent guarantee if you were required to pay future rental charges up front. The basic premise is the same; That you should feel more secure in your daily operations and feel secure in the knowledge that your finances are balanced at the end of the month. So you can concentrate on your business without worrying about the bills.


Social entrepreneurship is a project run by Business Region Gothenburg on behalf of the City of Gothenburg.


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